On Jan. 14, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden declaring that “he will refuse to enforce any gun regulations he finds unconstitutional...” The letter from Mueller was followed by sheriffs from Crook, Coos and Curry counties sending Mueller’s letter.

I doubt that Mueller appreciated the irony of making his declaration 50 years to the day after Alabama Gov. George Wallace challenged the federal government to enforce laws prohibiting segregation in Alabama’s public schools and institutions.

On Jan. 14, 1963, Wallace made headlines with his “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” speech. Wallace had a mistaken notion of state’s rights. He was viewed more as a buffoon than a threat to the nation and spent much of his later life apologizing for what he had said and done.

I am proud to say that Deschutes County Sheriff Larry Blanton injected some sanity into the controversy and offered a civics lesson to the other sheriffs and their constituents. He said, “I agree with the basics of the letter, agree with supporting the Second Amendment. But, when it comes to enforcing the law as laid out by the U.S. attorney general, if you can’t comply as a law enforcement officer, it’s time to seek another line of employment.”

Blanton’s statement was reassurance that in Deschutes County the sheriff knows the law and his job.

Milo Thornberry