Lezlie Patterson / McClatchy-Tribune News Service

“Dream Eyes” by Jayne Ann Krentz (Putnam, 325 pgs., $26.95)

It’s difficult not to like Jayne Ann Krentz’s latest novel, “Dream Eyes.”

It’s equally hard not to poke a little fun at it.

Krentz has delved full-fledged into paranormal romance, using her Arcane Society stories (historical and contemporary) as an anchor for stories that dabble in “psi.”

As in “psi-burn.” “Psi-breeze.” “Psi blind.”

Psi romance?


While drudging through phrases such as “paranormal energy waves,” “aurora energy,” and para-senses,” and reading about “auras” “crystal weapons” and “paravision” can become a bit tiresome, beneath it all is a solid story with charming characters, wit and romance. Because no matter how far out the plot, no matter how much para- and psi- mumbo jumbo, Krentz just isn’t capable of writing a bad story.

And no matter how much she infuses paranormal activities into her psychic world, she never forgets the romance.

The Coppersmiths reappear. Sam and Abby completed their adventure in “Copper Beach” and are blissfully planning their wedding in “Dream Eyes.”

Judson is Sam’s brother; Gwen is Abby’s best friend. When Gwen suspects paranormal foul play with her friend’s death, who is she going to call?

A psychic detective, of course.

That would be Judson, who uses his psi powers for good to catch paranormal bad guys. Gwen also has psychic talent, and partners with Judson to find out what paranormal evil lurks in the small town where her friend was found dead.

Well, it doesn’t take a psychic or psi-anything to figure out how that works out.