Tom Gunn, the vice president of the United Senior Citizens of Bend, was recently quoted as saying that there are “seniors” and there are “senior seniors.” Gunn is further quoted as saying, “A true senior center should be catering to the people whose lives are limited.” I am wondering how he determines the cutoff between “seniors” and “senior seniors,” and how it is decided which of those are living “limited” lives.

Are we now to be measured, grouped and categorized solely by our chronological age and by what “limitations” might affect our lifestyle? I’m not sure where I fit now, as I’m only 64. Would my presence in the Senior Center contribute to the “toxic atmosphere” described by Gunn? The “gray hairs” we call friends are engaged in life, interested and interesting, and chronological age has nothing to do with our state of mind. Let the Bend Senior Center reflect our town and celebrate each attribute of every age.

Kathy Dammarell