I encourage readers to think deeply on Sandra Hayes’ plea to Bend residents “to come out of their stupor” because the Humane Society of Central Oregon is a “shelter that kills pets every weekday.”

Isn’t our angst better directed toward those who fail to make safe, loving homes for their pets? And toward pet seekers who don’t consider HSCO as an adoption resource?

The majority of shelter pets are good-natured, healthy and adoptable. But consider how they arrive at HSCO. Some come from owners, surrendered when changing circumstances require relinquishing a beloved pet. Too many arrive as strays never to be claimed — yet yearning for adoption into a new, caring home.

Sick, starving and abused animals arrive from a variety of sources, including “no-kill” shelters where they were denied “lodging” because the shelter deemed them “unadoptable” or because it simply ran out of room.

I’m proud that HSCO is an open-admission shelter — no animal will ever be turned away and every animal is given the opportunity to be adopted. The facility is clean, well-run and deeply committed to finding “forever homes” for each animal that graces its doors. This includes easy-to-love pets as well as those who require medical treatment, special training and extra TLC before they are prepared to go home with the special people who will give them a second chance.

Give your money, time and thrift store donations to shelters like Bend’s HSCO that value every single animal’s life. Be a real part of the solution for troubled pets.

Ardene Fullerton