Don Thomas

As an original member of the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association and in light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut, making any new gun laws in the U.S., or in Oregon to be more specific, will not keep an individual from committing a crime with a gun, whether it be pistol or a long rifle.

Making high capacity magazines unlawful is like making McDonald’s responsible for overweight people because they like lots of french fries — one at a time.

Deranged people that are bent on killing someone will use many forms of a weapon, may it be a gun, knife, hatchet, baseball bat, knitting needle — or even an automobile.

I, for one, support the Second Amendment of our Constitution and all the rest of the amendments, and as a Korean veteran fought for those rights from 1951-1955 (45,000 died in the conflict).

Individuals using the First Amendment to attack our Second Amendment is the lowest thing any American could think of in my opinion. It’s outrageous!

Legislative bills that would impose any restrictions on guns, magazines and related items, must be killed at the opening gavel of the 2013 session. Just enforce the existing law as it is.

Can anyone define to America what is an assault weapon? Red Ryder BB guns — 100 rounds!

Maybe it’s a pro boxer that has his fists classified as such.

Could it be the daily-used automobile (455 deaths daily)?

Common sense should be the best thing in our arsenal of weapons, but for reasons unknown to man, it’s a thing of the past.

In the days to come, the issue over guns and related items will be hotly contested, and tempers will flare, I’m sure. But just think for a moment; a gun is a tool, it can lay on a table for many years, loaded, cocked, ready to fire and nothing happens until the human element enters and pulls the trigger.

Our beloved Constitution and bylaws have survived us for many, many years now and does not need to be changed in any form whatsoever, by anyone, regardless of who they may be, especially from the present administration, both federal and Oregon state.

The NRA is to be commended for speaking out against all the frenzy the entire news media has been in for the last month, so anxious to scoop one another that they get their facts distorted — grossly.

Reporting an “assault rifle” was used to kill 26 innocent victims was bogus. Now, the investigation shows that no “assault rifle” was fired — the shooter used two handguns only!

Later police opened the trunk of the stolen car, thereupon discovering two rifles with ammo.

Providing more help in the mental health department would be a great asset both locally and nationwide for all those who in fact need it and should get it.

There are no “one shot cure all” answers for us all to expand on, but cool heads will prevail, that I’m certain of, and without any intrusion on all our Second Amendment rights.

In closing, as stated before, the gun issue in these United States of America is a very simple thing — it’s called responsibility — and, teaching our youth the same culture that we have so much shied away from.