In my opinion, following all the recent horrible tragedies around our country, and the controversy regarding gun control, much has been said about what types of weapons, what types of magazines, should be banned; much has been said about mental health issues; much has been said about keeping these types of weapons out of the hands of criminals.

What has not come up in any media coverage that I have seen or read has been discussion about punishing those who use weapons of any kind to commit violence against another person. It may be true that I don’t need an AK-15 or 30-round magazine for hunting, but if I obey existing law and cause no one any harm, what is the problem?

There are plenty of laws regarding gun ownership — if laws are ignored, what good are they? If those laws are not enforced, and the consequences of breaking those laws are not significant enough to make a difference, that’s where we are now!

Craig McDonald