I was recently stopped in Redmond by a television reporter who asked me what I thought of the city of Redmond placing cameras in some public places to monitor the public’s behavior and help stop all the vandalism. My initial reaction was that it seemed like an invasion of privacy. The question caught me off guard because I wasn’t aware the city was considering doing this. By now, it is a done deal.

My comments regarding invasion of privacy were heard by many people who know me. I was stopped on the street, cornered in public places, visited in my office and got a lot of telephone calls. The general feeling was sorrow that it had to come to this. I appreciated hearing many points of view.

Evidently, the city has had numerous problems involving teen vandalism and graffiti. Mayor George Endicott and the City Council have a solid track record of making good decisions for our community. I respect what they are trying to accomplish.

In view of the seriousness of the problems and the lack of any better solution, I reluctantly support their efforts at this time. It is another example of giving up some freedoms to gain more security just like the whole country did after 9/11. However, it is a balancing act that must be closely monitored and, as we gain more security, we should back off on the surveillance. More cameras in public places are not only very sad, but a little creepy as well.

Barry Jordan