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WASHINGTON — After members from New York and New Jersey blasted House leadership for failing to authorize funds for Hurricane Sandy recovery before the end of the last term, the House of Representatives passed $50 billion in aid on Tuesday.

The 241-180 vote was highly contentious, as members from New York and New Jersey berated members from districts that had previously received relief funds after disasters such as Hurricane Katrina who voted against the bill. One Democrat and 179 Republicans voted against the measure, and 192 Democrats and 49 Republicans voted for it.

U.S. House vote

• Hurricane Sandy relief

Walden (R) N

Blumenauer (D) Y

Bonamici (D) Y

DeFazio (D) Y

Schrader (D) Y

Before the Sandy relief bill was finalized, Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., proposed an amendment that would have required cuts from entitlement programs to offset $17 billion in funding (the initial amount of the Sandy relief before it was later increased to $50 billion). Mulvaney’s amendment failed by a 162-258 vote, again splitting Republicans. Five Democrats — including Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Canby — and 157 Republicans voted for it, but 187 Democrats and 71 Republicans joined to kill the measure.

U.S. House vote

• Amendment to offset spending for Sandy aid with cuts

Walden (R) Y

Blumenauer (D) N

Bonamici (D) N

DeFazio (D) N

Schrader (D) Y

— Andrew Clevenger, The Bulletin

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