An answer to gun control may be the way the state of Oregon regulates cars and boats. These are two tight-fisted techniques that have burgeoned with successful results. If you own a car, then you pay a road tax at the gas station, as well as fees for licensing and for insurance. If you own a boat, then you pay a fee to put it on the water and must show that you know how to use it safely. Police patrol the use of both cars on the roads, and boats on the lakes. You have to pass exams for both cars and boats to be legal and avoid penalties.

Cars kill people, boats kill people, and guns kill people. Police try to lower the number killed by using speed limits and driver/boat training. Since police are organized and know how to do it, add guns to their list. Granted, this will not cure the insane use of guns, but it will be a start. Each gun will be registered and taxed like cars and boats. Gun sellers will have to report each sale to the police.

Gary Will

La Pine