The U.S. definitely needs to stop the deaths of innocents. But with thousands of gun laws in place, more laws would be redundant. A different reality is upon us. While I watched a news report about more gun restrictions, an ad came on for “Gangster Squad,” a bloody new movie from Hollywood. Then an ad for toothpaste, then an ad for another new movie titled “Hansel & Gretel.” But this new fairy tale contains gunfights and exploding body parts. Cute. After the newscast was over, a different movie was advertised: “Bullet to the Head.” Great title for young kids watching the news, and it also was full of guns and gore. At Costco, all the huge TVs facing the entrance were streaming a video about the realism of HD. The trailer was total warfare.

Violence is being pushed at us (and our children) from all directions. Do we really need more gun controls, or do we need tougher restrictions on the movie, gaming and advertising industries which are filling our society with violence? I suggest blood-and-guts movies and video games be restricted to 21 and older. We must not advertise violent movies or games on any media accessible to those younger than 21 (TV, video games, etc.) Let’s make access to violent images as tough as access to liquor. We need to stop the mental warping of our younger citizens.

Steve Wilkes