The Bulletin Jan. 10 editorial entitled “Public lands management is hampered by lawsuits” is not only blatantly biased, there is more wrong. The editor, for example, claims that environmentalists are suing the D-Bug project because “someone might actually make money on the timber cut in the sale.” However, the actual reason for the lawsuit is that the project is not scientifically defensible and, as designed, will cause harm to the forest. The editorial goes on to berate ONDA for suing the government because ONDA believes overgrown and washed out roads “should stay that way.” To the contrary, ONDA is suing BLM for spending tax dollars that will further fragment sagebrush habitat while attempting to dodge public oversight. The fact is, if our government agencies were good stewards of public land, the lawsuits would go away.

It is clear that The Bulletin editorial board is philosophically opposed to holding our government accountable when it comes to protecting our natural resources. However, the board’s disdain for environmental protection shouldn’t give the editors carte blanche to play loose with the facts.

Craig Miller