After nearly a year of media hype and proverbial hand-wringing about the “fiscal cliff,” President Obama signed into law the American Taxpayer Relief Act. This bill consists of 111 different sections, yet only 13 of those fall under the titles Tax Relief or Individual Tax Extenders. The other 98 fall under titles like Budget Provisions, Agricultural Extensions, Energy Tax Extenders and the largest (44) Medical and Other.

Examples from this bill, according to The Bulletin, are $9 billion to allow businesses like GE to compete abroad. Yes, the same GE deep in the Obama administration. Extending tax exemptions in the Liberty Zone, home of No. 1 Obama campaign contributor Goldman Sachs. $1.2 billion per year for wind energy; Solyndra all over again.

The American people are continually sold a crisis by this administration, for no other reason than to promote his personal agenda. Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.” Given the track record, this is a philosophy the administration strictly adheres to.

Now we hear the gun control mantra. Even though there are far more deaths caused by other means, he has the media hysteria to promote a cause long dear to his heart. Be aware, gun owners, we might find another bill signed by Obama that is only a fraction of what was promised, and a whole lot more. Oh, according to the CBO, the new tax bill adds a trillion dollars a year to the debt.

Toby Wilson

La Pine