This letter is in response to the reprehensible vandalism that happened in the Cline Buttes area last week. The damage was to the North Barr Road Staging Area.

As president of Central Oregon Motorcycle and ATV Club and a trail volunteer for Central Oregon Combined OHV Operations, I personally have spent well over 15 years working to find solutions to the problems we have faced with motorized recreation. Our groups have given tirelessly in donated time, funding and work for sustainable trails and cooperation among various recreational groups. That work has earned us national prestige and riding opportunities for thousands of enthusiasts. For someone to trash our hard-earned facilities and waste several thousand dollars is inexcusable to me.

I would like to speak to those people and tell them that their behavior makes us all look bad and puts our riding areas in jeopardy. I hope you are caught and made to pay for what you did. If these persons are under age, it is my sincere hope that your parents will be held responsible also.

Marvin Ohlde