Pair held for two Bend robberies

Bullet wound leads police to suspects

By Scott Hammers / The Bulletin

Published Jan 16, 2013 at 04:00AM

Bend Police believe a man and a woman involved in a shooting mishap in December are behind two recent robberies in the city.

Anthony Joseph Pastran, 44, and Lisa Anne Schnittke, 39, are facing charges for a late November robbery at the Shari’s restaurant on Bend’s north side and a late August robbery at the Arco service station off 27th Street. Pastran and Schnittke were indicted Monday by a Deschutes County grand jury and are scheduled for arraignment Jan. 24.

The two came to the attention of Bend Police on Dec. 15, when Pastran called 911 shortly before 6 a.m. to report that Schnittke had been shot in the leg. Officers responding to Pastran and Schnittke’s home on Northeast Ross Road found Schnittke with injuries to her legs consistent with being shot with the .22 caliber handgun found at the scene. But they were not convinced by Pastran’s account of what had happened, said Bend Police Lt. Ben Gregory.

Pastran claimed their house was being burglarized, and that Schnittke had gone to the front door to answer it after someone knocked. On the porch, she found the handgun, Pastran claimed, and somehow was shot through the left thigh with the bullet lodging in her right thigh. Police concluded Schnittke had been shot while she and Pastran struggled for the gun, and arrested Pastran on a variety of charges.

Gregory said a search warrant executed during the investigation of the shooting uncovered evidence Pastran and Schnittke may have been involved in the robberies at Shari’s and Arco. Police reviewed surveillance footage of the restaurant robbery and interviewed additional sources, he said. Schnittke was arrested on Tuesday and lodged at the Deschutes County jail, where Pastran has been lodged since the day of the shooting.

Pastran’s bail is set at $425,000, while Schnittke’s is set at $100,000.

Gregory said Pastran’s less-than-credible account of the shooting moved the investigation of the robberies forward.

“We got lucky,” he said. “But there’s also been a whole lot of hard work behind that, as you might imagine.”

In the Aug. 28 incident, a man wearing a mask entered the Arco station brandishing a gun. An employee and the suspect fought over the gun — during which multiple shots were discharged — and the man escaped to a waiting vehicle with an undisclosed amount of money, according to police accounts at the time.

Three months later, on Nov. 27, a man entered the back part of the Shari’s restaurant and was using a prying tool to open a cash register near the video lottery machines when he was interrupted by an employee. The man pushed the employee to the ground, police said, attracting the attention of a patron who fought with the suspect. The suspect dropped the cash drawer and his tool and fled to a waiting vehicle

In both instances, the getaway vehicle was described as a dark-colored Jeep Cherokee. Pastran is believed to have carried out both robberies, while Schnittke drove the Jeep.

Pastran and Schnittke are both charged with seven counts of unlawful use of a weapon, three counts of first-degree robbery, two counts of fourth-degree assault and one count of second-degree assault.