First of all, allow me to say that I don’t believe that I or, so far, anyone else has the complete answer for reducing gun violence in this country.

But I do hope that we also consider the following scenario when suggesting that we place armed guards and/or teachers in our schools. I would also invite those trained members of law enforcement (as is my oldest son) to weigh in as well.

You are a member of an elite, first response SWAT, CERT, etc., team. Your training is ongoing for hours a month, just to keep your edge and to make certain that your reaction to a situation is second nature and you have no doubt that it will be the correct one. Now you get the call, but the scenario has changed. When you enter that building, will you know in an instant if that armed person is the good guy or the bad guy? Will that teacher or guard who has taken a “course” know that you are the good guy and not just another threat entering the room?

Greg Waddell