After the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the president have known about the “fiscal cliff” for more than a year, we narrowly avert the fiscal disaster at the eleventh hour. Since we appear to have teenagers running our country, I suggest a teenager fix for our fiscal woes. Our elected officials, who work for us and are spending us into oblivion, should have a new pay plan for the new year. The House and the Senate should be paid minimum wage and have to pay for their health care. (They are exempt from Obamacare, as are their staffs; I wonder why?) The president should be paid $30 an hour and have the fancy planes grounded and cut out entertaining at the White House until the $16 trillion debt is paid. Our country has not had a budget in four years. And we continue to support these buffoons. Shame on us. It is “we the people” who should take steps to correct the Washington follies. Vote every senator and congressman out of office until we can get the correct people to balance budgets and start acting like adults again.

Wally Long