They protect their own

Is it just me or do other regular folks like me, who don’t work in the government, ever feel like government workers are getting away with something?

Like possibly keeping their jobs no matter how bad they screw up — e.g., not responding to a fire southwest of Sisters in a timely manner, nonexistent security at our diplomatic compound in Benghazi, negligent controlled burns by the Forest Service that go out of control, gun-walking by the DEA to Mexico. Does anyone ever get fired? No, because they protect their own.

I believe we have two classes of people in this country: the government (unaccountable ruling class) and the private citizen (servants). We can only blame ourselves; we have voted for more and more goodies from the government. Now that we’re hooked, they rule us with socialism and a fiat currency of questionable value to endless debt.

Stan Bassford


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