Protection needed in first five minutes

I read your editorial comments regarding school safety. I think our state representative, Dennis Richardson, makes an interesting point in letting select teachers be trained in firearms so they can be first responders if there is a mass shooting.

If the police chief is not comfortable with teachers being trained and armed, how then do we protect our children for the first five minutes until “trained” police arrive? I think a teacher trained in firearms is better than what we currently have: nothing.

Children and teachers will continue to be slaughtered in the first five minutes until police arrive. Lockdowns are important but passive. The good guys are not allowed to protect themselves and the children are completely unprotected for the first five minutes. I would like to encourage people to write in, and for The Bulletin’s editorial board to offer their ideas on specific ways that children can be better protected during those first few minutes until the police arrive.

If there is a better solution than arming our teachers, the community and lawmakers need to hear your ideas.

Melissa Hassell


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