Culture promotes violence

Tragic shootings committed by young males (and most are) beg the question. Why?

Disaffection/violence due to indifference to blood and guts in a culture that promotes it in movies and videos is a reason.

Two years ago I was walking through an arcade, within which were 95 percent teenage boys, and I looked to see what video games a few were playing. What startled me were various types of true-to-life, shoot-’em-up games.

The realism was shocking to me (a mid-60s person) due to the graphic blood and guts being displayed as the players mowed people down with various weapons — the boys having great fun and laughing at the mayhem of what they were doing.

I said to myself then, “This generation is growing up disaffected; conditioned to ‘blood and guts’ as a natural thing. Make-believe transitioning to real life is not a long stretch ... A dangerous thing.”

The Connecticut school shooting was horrific to the extreme; unconscionable at a minimum; and virtually incomprehensible. We can’t unring that tragic bell. We pray for the children, their families and the friends of those killed.

A word of advice: If you are aware of anyone who is acting out, or is despondent, or who is talking about suicide or killing anyone, you need to get them help; involve family or councilors, and possibly report any such person to the appropriate local authorities. To do nothing is a sin of omission.

Brion K. Hanks


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