Earlier this year, in a Jan. 13 commentary in this newspaper, I argued that granting driving privileges to foreigners here illegally would make our state “a magnet for illegal immigrants competing for work with Oregon’s unemployed, and a virtually unimpeded conduit for Mexican drugs.”

But Oregon’s legislators didn’t listen. In this year’s session, they passed a law (Senate Bill 833) granting “driver cards” to illegal immigrants.

Now, a group of Oregonians organized as “Protect Oregon Driver Licenses” — for which I serve as a chief sponsor — is circulating petitions to put SB 833 to a statewide vote. If we collect the signatures of 58,142 registered voters by Oct. 4, a measure to repeal the law will appear on Oregon’s November 2014 ballot.

Thousands of Oregonians already have signed our petition. And we need your signature, too. Go to www.ProtectOregonDL.org, print a single-signature petition, sign it and mail it to the listed address.

Your signature will help repeal driver cards for illegal immigrants.

Richard F. LaMountain

Vice president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform