Chance improves; adoption months away

Video: Update on the injured dog

Leilani Rapaport / The Bulletin /

After several medical procedures, Chance is progressing better than expected, according to Chris Bauersfeld, executive director at BrightSide Animal Center in Redmond.

Last month, the pit bull mix was found severely injured along a road in Terrebonne. Chance was so badly injured that it was uncertain whether he would survive. Bauersfeld has been his caretaker, taking him home with her at night, feeding him breakfast in the morning and monitoring his progress during the day.

With the support of BrightSide staff and donations from around the country, Chance has improved in walking, eating and drinking and interacting with other animals.

”He's really turning into a character now,” said Bauersfeld, ”We're starting to see who he is.”

Still, Chance has major areas that will need bandaging for months. ”This accident was very traumatic on his body,” said Bauersfeld. ”He seems to do very well mentally and emotionally, but physically he's very tired.”

The animal center will wait a couple of months before they select a new home for Chance. ”And we'll handle his adoption the same way we handle all of the adoptions that we do for our animals--striving to find the best possible match for him,” said Bauersfeld.

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