Barrett began career on 'The Real World'

Jay Bobbin /

Published Aug 19, 2013 at 05:00AM

Q: Where have I seen the actress who played Anthony Edwards’ wife on “Zero Hour” before?

— Sue Drake, Buffalo, N.Y.

A: Jacinda Barrett has quite a few acting credits under her belt now, but many people still remember her from the media vehicle that provided her first big public profile after her run at modeling in MTV’s “The Real World,” on which she was one of the housemates during the 1995 London season.

The native of Brisbane, Australia, got her performing career going soon after that.

She also was in the series “Wind on Water,” “Bull,” “D.C.” and “Citizen Baines,” and her notable movies have included “Urban Legends: Final Cut,” “The Human Stain,” “Ladder 49,” “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason,” “Poseidon” and “School for Scoundrels.”

Barrett also has an actor husband: She’s appeared opposite Gabriel Macht on his USA Network series, “Suits,” and they have a daughter named Satine, who turns 6 on Tuesday.

Q: What happened to “Up All Night”?

— Marian and David Gomez, Daytona Beach, Fla.

A: Despite consideration of converting the show from a filmed comedy into one done before a studio audience, NBC finally threw in the towel and canceled it. That became a foregone conclusion at a certain point, after creator and executive producer (and “Saturday Night Live” alum) Emily Spivey — who based the series on her own efforts to balance her work life with new parenthood — left the show, as did co-star and producer Christina Applegate. So did co-star Will Arnett, who moved on to CBS’ new fall sitcom, “The Millers.”

Q: After searching for years for “Best of the West” episodes, I finally found them on YouTube, but CBS had them removed for “copyright issues.” Why would they do that if they refuse to issue the series on DVD? If we can’t buy them, is it fair to deny us the right to see them elsewhere?

— Jim Sundquist, Grand Junction, Colo.

A: “Fair” is in the eye of the individual, and we understand that you feel it isn’t. From CBS’ standpoint, if the phrase “copyright issues” has been invoked, it’s clearly a business consideration ... as is the decision of whether to issue the early 1980s Western satire, which starred Joel Higgins (“Silver Spoons”), on disc.

Studios have become more cautious about issuing television series DVD sets if it’s not expected they’ll be big sellers. That’s even happened with some shows that had their first seasons released widely in stores but subsequent seasons only by direct order from companies that have established such avenues (such as Warner and Sony). CBS Home Entertainment and its distributor, Paramount, haven’t done that yet ... but if they do, perhaps “Best of the West” will have its day on DVD yet.

Q: Can you tell me when, or if, the series “240-Robert” and “Sierra” will come out on DVD?

— Wanda Peery, Marietta, Ohio

A: Neither was on that radar as of this writing, despite the fact that “240-Robert” was ongoing “NCIS” icon Mark Harmon’s first turn as a weekly series regular. We always like to add that we never say “never” in such cases, but for now, there’s no indication those are coming anytime soon.

Q: When did Nancy O’Dell become the co-host of “Entertainment Tonight?”

— Mark Holt, Milwaukee

A: At the start of 2011. She’d been off the rival syndicated newsmagazine “Access Hollywood” for more than a year at that point, and when we spoke with her in 2010 — shortly after she’d been announced as Mary Hart’s “ET” co-anchoring successor — she was diplomatic about her former show but also clearly pleased to be joining the one that’s her current TV home.

Q: Is “The Firm” returning on Saturdays anytime soon?

— Steve Roman, Delray Beach, Fla.

A: No. The John Grisham-inspired series was relocated there by NBC last year to play out its remaining episodes after it had disappointing ratings in its initial Thursday slot. However, the existing season of the show is available in a DVD set.