Grateful is what I feel, at this point in time. The Bulletin and its editorial page, its opinion page, is what I feel grateful for.

The paper keeps its commitment to providing us with city activities, with county, with state developments.

What if there were no newspaper, or the newspaper removed editorial content, and expanded sports pages, or worse yet, funny papers, sometimes referred to as comics.

Then what? How do I hear about the Bridge Creek “fiasco?” Bend Park & Recreation District and its ability to spend taxpayers’ money?

So, while other parts of The Bulletin are just that, the editorial page informs, so very well.

Who wants to attend long, sometimes boring council meetings? Read about the important items in the next-day Bulletin. It doesn’t provide one with coffee or tea with the paper, but I am certain it would if it could.

Mayor Jim Clinton’s comments are readily available to read via the editorial page.

Comments by the editorial staff are also available, when necessary. The Bulletin keeps us readers of the editorial page informed.

The Bulletin newspaper has had to reduce its pages over time, thank the heavens the editorial page continues on with its strength to inform and to give a personal viewpoint.

Tom Filcich