Your article “Is any attire too risque for church?” on Sunday, July 21, was a mishmash of opinions that solved nothing. We wouldn’t even need to ask this question if common sense hadn’t “flown the coop” along with the virtues of modesty, purity and chastity. Everywhere one looks, dress has become more inappropriate and revealing, from pajamas in stores to saggy pants and tank tops on men, to plunging necklines and tight miniskirts on women, in and out of the church setting.

Right or wrong, each person’s attire does reflect upon their character or reputation. No one argues that certain settings require specific outfits, such as sports, beaches, offices, courtrooms and rodeos, or when one is introduced to the president, the pope or a similar dignitary. But when it comes to being in the presence of the Lord in a sacred space, anything goes and no one dares say a world lest they be called judgmental or, worse, intolerant. Church outfits used to be called “Sunday best” for a reason. Yes, we are supposed to give our best to the Lord, and that includes our dress (need not be expensive) and appearance and attitude. Would I be surprised if during a heat wave that people in bathing suits showed up on Sundays? Not anymore!

Susan Thorne