The pipe repair project for Bend’s surface water must be allowed to proceed. Bend needs reliable, clean (and cheap) surface water. It also needs dual-source water supplies — one to back up the other when needed. Wells cost a lot to operate. Surface water uses gravity. The July 24 Bulletin editorial nailed it — it is in our and future generations’ best interests to protect our surface water.

A very few people who do not care what quality of water citizens are drinking (have “other agendas”) are trying to put a stop to the new pipe installation that needs to be done to ensure our surface water supply. Bend has been using this water source for more than 85 years, and the proposed project will actually reduce the amount withdrawn, leaving more instream. We all know that the county will start its road project in early 2015. So the pipe repair (with pipe that’s custom-made and already paid for) must start early in 2014. Not much time, is there? The city would be remiss if it were to do anything to jeopardize our valuable water rights. So what is the problem? Why all the litigation? Opponents have never given one good argument against this project.

Please write your elected council people and tell them you want this project to proceed. A very few people are costing the city millions of dollars in legal fees. If the council only hears from opponents, they might start to believe it is the will of the majority. And it is not.

Lynn Putnam