Mr. President, you recently spoke on the economy. Amongst your remarks, you included: “endless parade of distractions.” You apparently are referencing questions raised as a result of your administration’s behavior in Benghazi, the IRS and NSA and others.

Behavior, if not illegal, has been negligent and intrusive and, in my view, immoral and defenseless. The economic impact of the distractions is not obvious.

But Obamacare is part of the economy and it is unraveling before your eyes. Many of the people who once supported Obamacare now have waivers so they can avoid its mandates.

In addition, while you and your family enjoy living above the norm, even for the wealthy, common folks are stuck paying higher prices for nearly everything, including taxes, thanks to an economy you said you knew how to fix, but which you have not.

And I submit that the economy will continue the way it is through your term, while simultaneously riding on the edge of serious collapse because of added debt accumulating from essentially valueless paper money that is being printed to support your stimulus packages.

With exception to your continuing drone warfare, and the killing of bin Laden, little else you’ve advocated has proven useful.

You condemn the GOP for what you call endless distractions. But it appears that the GOP has simply recognized your administration’s agenda, i.e., government control of the economy and control of as much of the nation’s total wealth as possible. I support their efforts to avoid that result.

Al Phillips