In a recent letter to The Bulletin, Helen Hoyt says that “Obama and his crew” should be shipped out on the “Good Ship Lollipop.” The connection between Shirley Temple and Obamacare escapes me. Granted, letters to the editor are intended to be where opinions are freely expressed. But to be taken seriously and worthy of consideration, opinions need to be supported by facts, not just by additional, unfounded and uninformed opinions.

For example, she says, “Our country is a complete disaster!” It’s clear she thinks the statement is self-evident, but to be taken seriously, she needs to say exactly why she feels that way. Her rhetorical question about where honesty, respect, morals and faith have gone implies that somehow the Obama “crew” is solely responsible for the disappearance of these specific American values.

Given her obviously strong point of view, she should have no trouble at all citing specific examples of the Obama administration’s cause of our nation’s moral decline. While the statement is absurd on its face, it needs to be supported by specific examples for it to be meaningful — otherwise, her position is empty, valueless.

Her assertion that the IRS will be running Obamacare is likewise unsupported. While the IRS will play a role in Obamacare, I hardly think that anyone will be calling IRS offices to make doctors’ appointments.

Finally, I question why The Bulletin continues to print letters like Hoyt’s. They do nothing to advance intelligent dialogue, nor do they provide constructive food for thought.

Sandy Johnson