When trout, bass or steelhead are oriented to the surface, a bug with a little shine and contrast can lure them to the top for the smash and grab. That's the thinking behind the COG, the Central Oregon Gurrgler. Look at it from below, is it a beetle, a hopper, a frog, a cricket? It doesn't matter as long as the fish think it's protein.

Try it with a nymph tied off as a dropper for trout, chug it on the Deschutes for steelhead or gurgle it on the John Day for smallmouth.

Tie this pattern on a No. 6-12 TMC 8089. For the tail, use black buck tail. Tie in a shellback of black foam. Build the body with black crystal chenille then pull down the shellback. Leave a little lip of foam over the eye. Finish with white round rubber legs tied in a “V.”

— Gary Lewis, For The Bulletin