The following list contains support group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be updated monthly for inclusion. To submit, email relevant details to

Abilitree Peer Group For Persons Affected by a Disability: 541-388-8103.

Abilitree Young Peer Group: 541-388-8103 ext. 219.

Abilitree Brain Injury Support Group: 541-388-8103.

ADHD Adult support group: 541-420-3023.

Adoptive Parent Support Group: 541-389-5446.

Adult Children of Alcoholics: 541-633-8189.

Age Wide Open (Adult Children Support Group): 541-410-4162 or

AIDS Education for Prevention, Treatment, Community Resources and Support (Deschutes County Health Department): 541-322-7402.

AIDS Hot line: 800-342-AIDS.

Al-Anon: 541-728-3707 or

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): 541-548-0440 or

ALS SUPPORT GROUP: 541-977-7502.

Alzheimer’s Association: 541-548-7074.

alzheimer’s association caregiver support group: 541-330-6400.

Alzheimer’s/Dementia caregiver support group: 541-948-7214.

Autism Resource Group of Central Oregon: 541-788-0339.

Bend Attachment Parenting: 541-385-1787.

Bend S-Anon Family Group: 888-285-3742.

Bend Zen Meditation Group: 541-382-6122 or 541-382-6651.

Bereavement Support Groups: 541-382-5882.

Bereavement Support Group/Adults and Children: 541-383-3910.

Beyond Affairs Network: A peer group for victims of infidelity,

Brain Injury Support Group: 541-382-9451.

Brain Tumor Support Group: 541-350-7243

Breakups and Divorce Support Group: 541-610-3060 or

Breast-feeding Support Group: 541-385-1787.

Cancer Family Support Group: 541-706-5864.

Cancer Information Line: 541-706-7743.

Caregiver support group: 541-536-7399.

Caregiver support group: 541-706-6802.

Caregiver Support Group: 541-610-3060 or

Celebrate Recovery Bend: Faith Christian Center, 541-383-5801; Westside Church, 541-382-7504;

Celebrate Recovery La Pine: Grace Fellowship, 541-536-2878; High Lakes Christian Church, 541-536-3333; Living Waters Church, 541-536-1215;

Celebrate Recovery Madras: Living Hope Christian Center, 541-475-2405 or

Celebrate Recovery Redmond: Redmond Assembly of God Church, 541-548-4555 or

Central Oregon Alzheimer’s/dementia caregivers support group: 541-504-0571.

Central Oregon Autism Asperger’s Support Team: 541-633-8293.

Central Oregon autism spectrum resource and family support group: 541-279-9040.

Central Oregon Coalition for Access (Working to create accessible communities): 541-385-3320.

Central Oregon Depression and Anxiety group: 541-420-2759

Central Oregon Disability Support Network: 541-548-8559 or

Central Oregon Families with Multiples: 541-330-5832 or 541-388-2220.

Central Oregon League of Amputees Support Group (COLA): 541-480-7420 or

Central Oregon Right to Life: 541-383-1593.

Child Car Seat Clinic (Proper installation information for seat and child): 541-504-5016.

Children’s Vision Foundation: 541-330-3907.

Christian Women of hope (women’s cancer support group): 541-382-1832.

Clare Bridge of Bend (Alzheimer’s support group): 541-385-4717 or

Coffee and Connection Cancer Support GrouP: 541-706-3754.

Compassionate Friends (For those grieving the loss of a child): 541-480-0667 or 541-536-1709.

Creativity & wellness — mood group: 541-647-0865.

Crooked River Ranch Adult Grief Support: 541-548-7483.

DEFEATcancer: 541-706-7743.

Deschutes County Mental Health 24-Hour Crisis Line: 541-322-7500.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: 541-549-9622 or 541-771-1620.

Depression and bipolar Support: 541-480-8269 or

Depression support group: 541-617-0543.

Diabetic support group: 541-598-4483.

Disability Support Group: 541-388-8103.

Divorce care: 541-410-4201.

Double Trouble Recovery: Addiction and mental illness group; 541-317-0050.

Dystonia support group: 541-388-2577.

Encopresis (Soiling): 541-548-2814 or

Evening bereavement support group: 541-460-4030

Faith Based ReCovery Group: Drug and alcohol addictions;

Family Resource Center: 541-389-5468.

Gamblers Anonymous: Redmond 541-280-7249, Bend 541-390-4365.

Gambling Hot line: 800-233-8479.

Geriatric Care Management: or 1-877-867-1437.

Glucose Control Low Carb Diet Support Group: or 541-504-0726.

Gluten Intolerance Group (Celiac): 541-389-1731.

Grandma’s House: Support for pregnant teens and teen moms; 541-383-3515.

Grandparents Raising Our Children’s Kids: 541-306-4939.

Grandparents Support Group: 541-385-4741.

Griefshare Grief Recovery support Group: 541-382-1832.

Grief support group: 541-306-6633, 541-318-0384 or

Grief Support Group: 541-548-7483.

Grief Support Groups: For the bereaved; 541-771-3247.

Grief Support Group: 541-447-2510.

GriefShare (faith-based) recovery class: 541-389-8780.

Healing Encouragement for Abortion-Related Trauma (H.E.A.R.T.): 541-318-1949.

Healthy Families of the High Desert: Home visits for families with newborns; 541-749-2133

Hearing Loss Association: 541-390-2174 or

Hearts of Hope: Abortion healing; 541-728-4673.

Improve Your Stress Life: 541-706-2904.

La Leche League of Bend: 541-317-5912.

Living Well (Chronic conditions): 541-322-7430.

Living with chronic illnesses support group: 541-536-7399.

Lupus & fibromyalgia support group: 541-526-1375.

Madras Nicotine Anonymous Group: 541-993-0609.

Maternal/Child Health Program (Deschutes County Health Department): 541-322-7400.

Men’s cancer support group: 541-706-5864.

Mended Hearts Support Group: 541-706-4789.

Miscarriage Support GrouP: 541-514-9907.

Mommy And Me breast-feeding support group: Laura, 541-322-7450.

Multiple sclerosis support group: 541-706-6802.

Narconon: 800-468-6933.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA): 541-416-2146.

National Alliance On Mental Illness of Central Oregon (NAMI): 541-408-7779, 541-504-1431 or email:

NAMI Bend - Extreme States: 541-647-2343 or

NAMI Bend Connections: 541-480-8269 or

NAMI Bend Family Support Group: or

NAMI Madras Connections: For peers, 541-475-1873 or

NAMI Madras Family Support Group: 541-475-1873 or

NAMI Madras Family-Family Support Group: 541-475-3299 or

NAMI Redmond Family Support Group:

Newberry Hospice of La Pine: 541-536-7399.

Oregon Commission for the Blind: 541-447-4915.

Oregon CURE: 541-475-2164.

Oregon Lyme Disease Network: 541-312-3081 or

Overeaters Anonymous: 541-306-6844.

Parents/Caregivers of Children Affected by Autism Support Group: 541-771-1075 or

Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) Support Group: 541-410-7395.

Parish Nurses and Health Ministries: 541-383-6861.

Parkinson’s Caregivers Support Group: 541-317-1188.

Parkinson’s Disease support group: 541-280-5818.

PARTNERS IN CARE: Home health and hospice services; 541-382-5882.

Paul’s Club: Dads and male caregiver support group; 541-548-8559.

Pflag Central Oregon: For parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays; 541-317-2334 or

Plan Loving Adoptions Now (PLAN): 541-389-9239.

Planned Parenthood: 888-875-7820.

PMS Access Line: 800-222-4767.

Pregnancy Resource Centers: Bend, 541-385-5334; Madras, 541-475-5338; Prineville, 541-447-2420; Redmond, 541-504-8919.

Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group: 541-548-7489.

Recovering Addicts in the Addiction Field: 541-610-3060 or

Saving Grace Support Groups: Bend, 541-382-4420; Redmond, 541-504-2550, ext. 1; Madras, 541-475-1880.

Scleroderma support group: 541-480-1958.

Self-esteem Group for Women: 541-389-7960.

sexaholics anonymous: 541-595-8780.

Soup and Support: For mourners; 541-548-7483.

Support Group for Families with Diabetic Children: 541-526-6690.

Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group: 541-610-3060 or

Tobacco Free Alliance: 541-322-7481. TOPS OR: Bend, 541-388-5634; Culver, 541-546-4012; Redmond, 541-923-0878.

Type 2 Diabetes Support Group: 541-706-4986.

Veterans Hot line: 541-408-5594 or 818-634-0735.

Vision NW: Peer support group; 541-330-0715.

Volunteers in Medicine: 541-330-9001.

Women’s Resource Center of Central Oregon: 541-385-0747

Women’s self-esteem group: 541-389-7960.

Women’s support group for anger, anxiety, or depression: 541-389-7960.

Women Surviving with Cancer Support Group: 541-706-5864.

Young People with Disabilities Peer Group: 831-402-5024.

Zen Meditation Group: 541-388-3179.