Mel Coffin

The U.S. should stay way out of the Syrian trouble. True, some people will think we will lose face by not interfering with the Syrian trouble, but we have lost face before and have recovered fine.

Yes! Everyone in the world is highly upset about the Syrian army using poison gas on its own people. But no one in the world seems to do anything about it. Except the U.S.

Maybe we could be set up by the rebels? By killing 1,500 of their own people. Now, take a look at the 100,000-plus people who have been and are being killed by bombs, bullets, rockets and God knows how many other ways. Those 100,000 included men, women, babies and children. No one seems to be highly upset about all these killings. Everyone in the world is saying, “Oh well, it’s just another uprising.”

Leave it alone. Let them fight it out. Arabs have been fighting each other for more than 3,000 years now. Nothing has changed. Most likely won’t in the future. You don’t see Turkey or Lebanon getting into the action. Just let the chips fall, and there are bordering countries. No other Middle East country wants to get into this war, either. Why not?

Latest news report is that the U.K. lawmakers voted not to back the U.S. in any strike against Syria. Germany, France not for it either; most other world countries are not in favor of a strike.

The U.S. will stand alone. We also have North Korea to worry about, too.

The U.S. has spent billions of dollars and a cost of thousands of lives in helping two other countries in the Middle East. They have not become our friends. These countries can change governments or leaders at the drop of a hat and will stab us in the back at any time, at their choosing. Regardless what is written on paper with any other ousted governments. This is a proven fact. Just look back at history.

Again, U.S., stay out of it. Send the rebels a few million dollars in aid to fight with, but don’t expect any good returns from it.

Tomahawk missiles cost more than a million dollars each, just to build. Let alone the cost of moving our Navy ships into firing range.

The U.S. is telling Syria that if it doesn’t straighten up, we will fire on it. So, “Go ahead and fire,” they are saying. It’s not going to change anything, by blowing up a few places. In the next 10 days or so, the Syrians will have moved all their mass-destruction weapons underground, into schools, churches and public buildings.

None of these are targets for our Tomahawk weapons.

There could be big repercussions later on that we will not be able to handle. Question: Where is our national security involved? Homeland security begging here at home, not 3,000 miles away fighting someone else’s war. Blowing up a bunch of empty factories won’t solve the problems.

Besides that, bring our troops home. Get out of the Middle East now and stay out. Ten years of war and nothing has changed.

God bless the USA. Keep our flag flying high.

This is my view and a lot of seniors and others.

Just stay out of the Syrian conflict.