When steelhead blast up the river in September, when the holes between the rapids are filled with chrome, fish will take skated or swung caddis imitations at the top of the water column. The Freestone Caddis can be credited to Wayne Orzell, a tier for Prichard's on the Kalama River. It can be put to use where steelhead are oriented to the surface.

Plan to fish this pattern in September and October. Use a floating line and a short leader. Cast down and across, throw an upstream mend and let the fly swing. Hold a shock loop of about 15 inches of line. At the grab, drop the shock loop then lift the rod.

Tie the Freestone Caddis on a No. 6-10 black steelhead hook. Build the body with fluorescent or sparkle pink chenille. Tie a sparse black collar hackle then finish with a head of black chenille.

—Gary Lewis, for The Bulletin