Why should we trust the Obama administration and its “evidence” against Syria, which implicates the government, rather than al-Qaida rebels, in the use of chemical weapons?

The Obama administration misrepresented the real cause of the Benghazi embassy attack when it carefully crafted a tale about an anti-Muslim video that sparked the attack.

With the aid of the mostly sycophant, biased news media, the administration clung to its nonsensical tale for over a week before its lie was finally exposed.

In a trial, if a witness were proven to have lied, all subsequent testimony that he gives must be discounted because he cannot be considered credible or trustworthy. Similarly, we must view all statements and proposals coming from the Obama White House with a high degree of skepticism, especially in the additional light of its denials and stonewalling in the IRS and “Fast and Furious” scandals.

It is a frightening time in our history, when the citizens of our country can no longer trust their own government, whose actions have often been shown to be corrupt, deceptive, dishonest and/or nontransparent. It is entirely possible that Russia’s Vladimir Putin may prove to be more credible than President Obama regarding Syria.

James Strelchun