If you have never teased a steelhead with a waking fly, you might not get the dynamite reference in the name of this pattern. When a fish streaks across the surface, its dorsal carving a wake behind your fly, your heart just might explode. Don't laugh. It has happened. And it could happen again in September or October on a steelhead stream somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Fish the Kalama River Dynamite on a floating line with a short 10-pound leader. Cast quartering down, pull out a 20-inch shock loop and let the fly swing. Watch for the grab at the surface and let the shock loop go before lifting the rod.

Tie this pattern with red thread on a No. 4-8 dry fly steelhead hook. Lay a foundation of thread then tie in a tuft of red yarn extending to the bend. Tie in long deer hair and trim the butt ends to form the wing and head.

—Gary Lewis, The Bulletin