As I was reading the article about Robert Haynes and his rescue from the South Sister climber’s trail, my partner Gary Metternich was hiking to the summit of the same mountain. At 74, he’s an experienced mountain climber, having more than 200 summits of major mountains in the Northwest, Canada, Mexico and South America. For more than 27 years, he guided other climbers without major incident.

On his hike to South Sister, he left our home in Redmond at 5 a.m. and planned to be home around 6 p.m., taking approximately an hour or two longer than his hikes done in his 40s.

Trust me, Haynes, Metternich and other older athletes know their own bodies and their limitations and hike well-prepared and do it safely and sanely.

Bravo to you, Dr. Haynes. I hope Gary can do the same thing well into his 80s! You can call him anytime if you ever want a hiking partner! Remember the tale, slow and steady wins the race.

Gale Blanchard