I hope you get a lot of comment on the proposed change in bottle and can return procedures reported in The Bulletin on Monday.

The idea that it will be more convenient to return bottles and cans to some location north of Franklin on Second Street is ridiculous!

To do that instead of going back to the place where one has bought those products, and presumably are going to buy them again, is so counter-intuitive as to make one’s mouth drop open.

That this idea is endorsed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is no surprise. It comes from the same mindset that thought that locating the Department of Motor Vehicles way south of the population center off of Brookswood was a good idea, and has the added benefit (to bureaucrats) that it would involve additional state employment.

Let’s hear from more citizens what they think of this, before it is a done deal, and the stores have remodeled their return facilities.

Let’s hear from The Bulletin!

Fred Chaimson