I encourage Congress not to reduce the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or food stamps). Our nation, out of its great bounty, should be able to feed its people. It seems strange that Congress allows corporations such as Apple to pay little or no taxes on billions of dollars of profit and cannot find funding to feed our senior citizens and families.

The community here in Bend, and my church, all work hard to further reduce hunger needs by donating, stocking and working at our local food bank. The food needs are real with great effort made to work with and assist our neighbors. The proposed congressional cuts to SNAP will shift the burden to the food bank, making it very difficult. People have been through so much in the past five years of the economic collapse and steady good jobs are still hard to find.

The GOP proposal cutting food to poor families and seniors sounds like something King George III would have done in the 18th century.

Henry Burwell