Russ Donnelly / Bend

The In My View article published Sept. 18, “2013 Oregon drought calls for action on climate change,” was right on point in describing the ongoing environmental changes at Crater Lake over the last 80 years. Brian Ettling’s piece wasn’t just about the impact of rising carbon emissions in contributing to climate change in Southern Oregon and other parts of our state; it proposed a practical solution — a carbon tax and dividend. Bend’s local Citizens Climate Lobby, one of more than 300 nationwide, fully supports the idea of working with businesses, community organizations and elected officials to pursue this revenue neutral solution.

In short, by taxing the pollution that carbon emissions create (which is not currently done), the true costs of burning fossil fuel can be achieved. In turn, the revenue collected by this carbon tax can be structured in a way that redistributes it to households to cover their increased energy costs, thereby making this tax revenue neutral. This simultaneously makes it increasingly expensive to burn fossil fuels, while pushing energy markets to speed development of cost efficient and renewable energy sources.

The Bend CCL is meeting with a number of Oregon elected officials and staff to find common ground on this immensely important issue.

To discover more about solutions to the challenges of climate change, please come to our next monthly Bend CCL meeting Tuesday, Oct. 8, at Dudley’s Bookstore Café at 4:30 p.m. More information on Citizens Climate Lobby can be found at