WOW! What a revelation. After all this time, we find out Obama isn’t the messiah; he’s just a human being. If all you folks out there who are now criticizing Barack Obama for changing his mind about bombing Syria wanted a hawk, you should have voted for John McCain or Mitt Romney.

Yes, Obama has made the horrible mistake of exposing his human frailty by not beginning a war with Syria and accepting a trade-off with Russia to avert that war.

I think, at this point, Obama would have been damned if he bombed Syria and now he’s being damned because he didn’t. You can’t have it both ways, folks.

Be glad Obama had the courage to accept the Russians’ offer; no matter, it’s a bitter pill. It’s a hell of a lot better than starting another war that would be as endless and fruitless as all the others in the Middle East. Be grateful we have a president who doesn’t believe it’s a crime to change your mind if a better alternative comes along. It’s called diplomacy.

And, by the way, this decision just may have saved the life of someone you love. Like maybe your son or daughter.

Diana Hopson