Between the Republicans holding the government hostage to the repeal of funding for the health care law and their attempt to impose work requirements on food stamp recipients, I am officially infuriated. This was the essence of my conversation this morning with a friend as we walked up Pilot Butte.

I spent 30-plus years working in social services, primarily with antipoverty programs, and I can tell you that no one wants or chooses to be poor. There are too many reasons to elaborate why poverty exists in this letter. Yet, to place it at the individual level is to lack the aptitude to fully comprehend the cause and effects of poverty on a thriving society and the consequences on the individual and future generations.

My resolve and anger were reinforced on my drive home as I witnessed the police helping a homeless man who had urinated on himself and could barely walk into their patrol car. I hope they were taking him to the employment office to get a job so he could continue to eat.

My hope is that U.S. Rep. Greg Walden or his staff reads this letter and stops playing political football with the poor in this country. He is the only member of the Oregon delegation that backs the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act.

Holly Hutton