Fred Chaimson has asked citizens to weigh in on the bottle-and-can return facility scheduled to open later this year. I must wonder if Chaimson had ever held a courtesy clerk position in “the front of a supermarket” as my son does. The stories he brings home about life in the “bottle room” are hard to hear. Bottle rooms are open from approximately 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., the machines frequently break down, which means a clerk must don gloves, leave his/her post to unclog a machine. Customers do not follow rules, leaving wine and liquor bottles strewn over the bottle room floor, which means a clerk must don gloves, leave his/her post, to properly dispose of the bottles. When bottles do not properly navigate the machines, courtesy clerks must don gloves, leave their posts and manually count them. Courtesy clerks have been injured in bottle rooms. Dealing with impatient (at times bordering on rude) customers is an ongoing issue. The “inconvenience” factor of a one-stop drop location should not even be part of the equation.

Helen Dehner