Military Notes

Army Pvt. Cody Schoenborn has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C. He is a 2010 graduate of Mountain View High School and the son of Wendy Palmer, of Oregon City.

college notes

The following students were named to the summer 2013 dean's list at Central Oregon Community College: Casey Aaby, Diana Ackerman, Sarah Amen, Kaitlynn Amis, John Anthony, Bruce Aquina, David Ardon, Peter Askew and Kelissa Averre;

Drew Bales, Dustin Bales, Tina Banks, Kimberly Banner, Madison Beebe, Brooke Beerkircher, Kathline Benitez, Jill Bernard, Brandy Bishop, Jonathan Blacklock, Rachel Boatright, Karl Boldenow, Jonathan Boswell, Sarah Bowers, Mathew Brantley, Joe Brenner, Atlee Brink, Michael Brooks, Lucas Brown, Shelley Brown, Candie Brush, Jamin Burchard, Dawn Buring, Lacey Burk, Christian Burkert, Josanne Burnette, Chris Burns, Erin Butler and James Butler;

Cade Cahoon, Calvin Carey, Kevin Carlin, Gerald Carrell, Matthew Carter, Stanley Carter, Karlie Chase, Adam Cole, Danette Colovos, Allen Cone, Pamela Cooley, Anjanette Cottew, Paul Cowan, Andrew Curtis, Deann Curtis and Jeramiah Cutshall;

Amy Dach, John Davidson, Eli Davis, Jacob DeHaan, Mary Derryberry, David Didonna, Jonathon Diefendorf, Carl Diggs, Andrew Djang, Mathew Dodson, Emily Dudley, Tina Dunlap and Sharon Durkee;

Helen Ebey, Alexander Elmaleh and James Emerson;

Amy Falkenrath, Taissa Farrell, Robert Faulkner, Lauren Fedance, Cynthia Ferris, Rebecca Figueroa, Rene' Figueroa, Megan Flavion, Jacob Flick and Jonathan Forth;

Daisy Gallegos, Jerry Gallegos, Paula Giles, Jerin Gillett, Jimmie Ginn, Alanna Godsey, Esmeralda Gonzalez, Charlotte Good, Michelle Goody, Mikhail Gordeev, Katie Grantier, Floyd Greene and Richard Grotsky;

Kyle Hales, Molly Hansen, Benjamin Hardin, Brooke Harris, John Harsh, Jacob Hayes, Angela Haynie, Holly Hayter, Brandon Haywood, Kathryn Hearon, Deidre Heil, Brian Heller, Briana Helmholtz, Janelle Hernandez, McKayla Hockman, Russell Houghton, Blayne Houston, Brent Howk, Karma Hurworth and Kenneth Hyde;

Brett Jenning, Gregory Jewett, Mirelys Jimenez, Lydia Johnson, Tabitha Johnson and Ryan Jones;

Tawnee Kammer, Nicole Karr, Tianna Keenan, Brian Keister, Floyd Kendall, Leroy Kissee, Chad Knight, Elizabeth Kofford, Bryon Krieger and Larry Krueger;

Angella LaFontaine, Joseph Landers, Dawn Lavalle, Matthew Lee, Rebecca Lemke, Debra Leonard, Xiaoxia Liu, Teresa Lloyd, Marnie Long, Michael Lopez, Lena Loukojarvi and Kristin Lundy;

Jonah Madden, Thomas Magill, Oliver Majava, Pamela Manning, Aaron Martin, Estrella Martinez, Melissa Martinson, Brandon Massey, Sharon Mattson, Jacob Maurer, Jason McBride, Angelina McCoy, Eric McDonald, Timothy McKeaney, Traci McKenzie, Rebecca Meek, Keaton Meltvedt, Jesse Mergel, Rickie Mickle, Sandra Mikesell, Elizabeth Miller, Kathleen Miller, William Miller, Matthew Minor, Julie Mitchell, Kazuya Miyashita, Charles Mola, Francessa Moneymaker, Albert Monia, Dawn Monical, Brittanna Monroe, Steven Morrison, Jacklyn Morton, Jeffrey Myers and Jethro Myers;

Julianna Nagan, Frederico Naling, Edward Nash, Tuesday Neuman, Christopher Nolan and Ashley Nutter;

Melissa Ogle, Sacha O'Hara, Amy Oland, Devon Olden, Tiago Oliveira, Ashley Olsen-Hashemian and Casey Orr;

Kate Panzer, Amber Paplia, Matthew Patterson, Brandy Perez, Stephanie Peterson, Cynthia Petri, Eric Phillips, Hattie Piske, Selena Ponce, Shilo Price and Tiffany Priest;

Trever Ray, Jesse Reeves, Donna Reid, Jodi Roan, Ivan Roberts, Faith Romine, Lisa Routhier, Joshua Rowland, Rachal Rowney and Jon Rugg;

Marilyn Saxton, Esther Sayers, Anna Schultz, Brent Schultz, Joseph Segalla, Tyler Shepard, Lindsey Shiroma, Jessica Sholes, Nathan Simkowski, Israel Simpson, Tawny Slaven, Dennis Smith, Karen Smith, Riley Smith, Tamala Smith, John Sopher, Kyle Starr, Teresa Stec, Spencer Stegman, Stefanie Stewart, Emerson Stoery, Ashley Stratton, Jared Stratton, Tessa Strock, George Sybrant and Ronald Sylvester;

Shantel Thao and Melissa Thompson;

Shelbi VanSise, David Vaughan, Justin Vilhauer and Hugo Villasaldo;

Benjamin Wachter, Emily Warchol, Jarid Warfield, Frankie Weeks, Molly Wells, Michael Wharton, Kenneth Wheeler, Ronda Wiederholt, Michael Wigington, Alyssa Wilder, Gladys Willden and Chris Winans;

Serena Zendejas and Kristi Zinniker.

TEEN Feats

Marley Forest has been named September's High Desert Hero by The Center Foundation in Bend. Forest, a senior at Bend High School, maintains a 4.13 GPA. She is a member of the: swim team, creative writing club, Nordic ski team, water polo team, choir, national honor society, competitive speech and debate, Youth Choir of Central Oregon, Bend Experimental Arts Theater, mock trial, honor code committee and theater. She also volunteers with High Desert Museum, Relay for Life, Healing Harmonies Choir, A Bridge to Peace and rotary clubs.

Tony Watters has been named October's High Desert Hero by The Center Foundation in Bend. Watters, a senior at Bend High School, maintains a 4.05 GPA. He is a honor student, soccer referee, community service worker and a three-sport athlete who plays soccer, ice hockey and baseball in both club and high school levels. He also volunteers with Hockey Day in America, soccer and hockey camps, March of Dimes walk and talking to eighth-graders at St. Francis School in Bend.

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