“Save your Confederate money, boys, the South shall rise again!” — this used to be a joke. But now it appears that the old Confederacy, aided and abetted by Quantrill-like take-no-prisoners Tea Party guerrillas, has decided to give it another shot. In response, the Democrats have occupied their ideological Fort Sumter, seemingly prepared to go down in flames and take the population with them. As I remember, the last time this happened it didn’t end well for those south of the Mason-Dixon Line; this time the Republicans will likely rue these vitriol-filled days. But nobody involved in this legislative quagmire deserves to get off the hook. We elected them, and this particular fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we accept the role of underlings; we expected them to work together to solve the country’s problems and lead effectively. But these politicians (an eighth word that should no longer be said in public?) — D’s and R’s alike — are instead putting their own re-election, their political parties and their re-election funding lobbyists’ interests in front, leaving the citizens’ hopes and needs to the end; it’s not difficult to conclude from this that they’re venal and/or incompetent. We should fire them all and start over with a new bunch. Granted, there would be problems if we had nobody with national experience in D.C., but could it be very much worse than what’s been going on the past few years, and especially the last several weeks? I genuinely doubt it.

William Walker