Re; “California noncitizens win even more rights” by Jennifer Medina, New York Times News. Be aware that your rights as a U.S. citizen are being eroded by the political left to retain their advantage in future elections. Granting more of our exclusive rights as citizens to illegals and “noncitizens” is a maneuver to secure enough future votes from people receiving benefits (i.e. welfare, food stamps, housing, driver licenses, in-state college tuition and the right to sit on juries and election boards).

If this trend is ignored, citizenship may no longer be required to vote when so many will be so-called “noncitizens.” If achieved, the folks receiving such special benefits and treatment will, along with the socialist leaning left, have enough votes to control any election. The number of people receiving some sort of public monies for no work is at record levels and approaching half of America’s available workforce. Are they going to vote those out that grant them this windfall? Of course not.

Some say, “This can’t happen here.” We are approaching a point at which many other nations in history collapsed under the weight of their own foolishness. Socialism and communism are not viable forms of fair government and fail due to corruption and an inability to support the masses. Don’t become complacent. Act now. Contact your representatives and tell them to protect the rights of those who are U.S. citizens or face removal for someone who will.

Gregory Pluchos