I have just received another annoying phone call for the umpteenth time, from a foreign-accented individual stating his name as Jack Daniels (Whiskey Brand?) from the federal health department.

The purpose of this call was to inquire if I was or was not diabetic. With all the scams that are perpetrated against senior citizens, my antenna went up. I informed this individual that I do not give out personal information about my health to anyone over the phone, especially to an individual who sounds like he is calling from India or any other foreign country. I also told him if the federal health department wanted that information, they could send me a letter with an appropriate telephone number that I could call if I so desired. I also demanded my name and number be removed from his scam calling list.

When he realized I was onto him, he hung up very quickly.

Let this letter be a fair warning to all not to give away information about themselves to anyone calling and asking for said information.

Protect your privacy — stop giving up your privacy even though our society as a general rule today is freely doing so. If you don’t watch your back, no one else will.

Beverly Scalise