People wonder why nothing gets done in the government and why the House and the Senate act like children.

Why, it is because we as citizens have the power of the vote, but we never use it to make change.

Look at the local county level as an example. A county votes the way it almost always votes. Crook county is Republican in majority so it votes Republican. Why, because people think the party they belong to is the way they should vote. Their parents voted that way so, come hell or high water, they’re going to vote that way.

If people don’t wake up and start paying attention to who is running regardless of party, then change will never happen.

I am a registered Democrat, but I vote for either party depending on who is better qualified.

We, the American people, need to clean house and get rid of the stagnant politicians in the House and the Senate who do not do what is best for America.

Politicians are not in office to get whatever benefits they can get for themselves or their friends. They are in office to do what’s best for the majority of the people on a national level not just the people who voted them into office in their home state and companies that donated millions of dollars to get them elected.

Politicians were elected to run this country — then run it, not ruin it!

Russ Hanson