I want to respond to the recent letter writer who called the shutdown of the government treason and seems to think that it is the Republicans who shut it down, which, of course, is not true.

It shut down because the Democrats and the president are totally political and not willing to negotiate with Republicans, who are in vain trying to stop this train wreck of Obamacare that the Congress conveniently excluded themselves from. There have been numerous exclusions — like unions.

While federal workers are being furloughed, the group that put us there is getting full pay. The Republicans have put forward no less than four proposals, but Harry Reid and his ilk won’t allow them to come to the floor.

In the days of Ronald Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neill, they worked together and got things done for the good of the public. With this administration, it is my way or the highway.

Over 70 percent don’t want Obamacare and realize it increases costs as well as limits choice and the ability to choose your doctor. There will be fewer doctors serving a big increase in patients. Businesses are already cutting hours to make employees part time. This will increase the food stamp population and hurt people who barely make it now.

We borrow $200 million per hour to run our government. Do we want our children and grandchildren to be stuck with a bankrupt United States? Who will bail out the U.S.?

Nils Kristiansen