Julie Rothman / The Baltimore Sun

Kathy Blair from Somerset, Ky., was looking for a recipe she had clipped years ago from a magazine, and has since lost, for an unusual meatloaf. She said this meatloaf mixture was rolled out flat; mashed potatoes and chopped celery leaves were spread over the mixture and then it was rolled up jellyroll-style. It was then baked, and, when cooled slightly, it could be sliced and the slices resembled pinwheels.

I located a recipe on a food blog called Diary ofaCraftyCook.com that sounded very similar to what Blair had described.

Her recipe did not include the celery leaves, so when I tested it, I simply sprinkled some on top of the mashed potatoes before rolling.

This recipe is a fun twist on the standard meatloaf and mashed potato meal.


Gene Green from Baltimore would like a recipe for making homemade eggnog.

D. Mentzel of Baltimore would like to have the recipe for the “Aussie” soup that is served at the Peppermill on York Road in Towson, Md.

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