Alan Pachtman’s letter on Oct. 2 was so infuriating because, as usual, the media (television, newspapers and social media) are blaming the Republicans for shutting the government down.

No one ever mentions the facts:

• Obamacare was passed in the middle of the night without anyone in Congress having read it, and it passed without one Republican vote. There are more than a handful of Republicans in this country.

• The Republicans who were sent to Washington to object to Obamacare (among other bad Obama-created policies) are now being called traitors.

• The argument is “it’s the law now, we have to follow it.” However, Obama doesn’t seem to be compelled to follow his law. He has allowed a year’s delay to some of his more important supporters, including members of Congress and their staffs — but the IRS will force the rest of us to “follow the law.”

Obama is refusing to sit down at the table with Republicans to try to find a way to make the Affordable Care Act work. Even one of Obama’s supporters in Congress called it a “train wreck.” Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are a disgrace and need to be sent home. And Obama’s comparison to Apple’s new phone “glitch” is ridiculous. No one is forcing anyone to buy Apple. If anyone is shutting down the government, it’s Obama and his intransigent Democrats.

Maralyn Thoma