Republicans are blaming the president for not compromising on Obamacare. Really? Four years ago on a daily basis millions were being spent arguing over a possible health care law. After much negotiating and compromising on each side the Affordable Health Care Act passed. It has been taken to the Supreme Court and upheld. Forty times Republicans have attempted to get it overturned. They have failed.

Now a minority in that party are saying they had not been elected when the law was negotiated and want to do so now. Following that logic, every time a new member of Congress is seated they get to hold up the nation and renegotiate any and every law passed since 1776. I don’t think so.

Just as shameful are those Republicans who haven’t the guts to scream: “No!”

In 50 years of voting, I have never missed an election, and I have never belonged to any political party. I’ve always believed Congress and the president were trying to move the country forward. Sadly, I’m wrong; a few seem to be only interested in having their way and the hell with how the country suffers.

Jim Guffey