I’m sure there are many of us who believe that Juniper Ridge would be a better choice for the new and much-welcomed Oregon State University campus. The north side of Bend is ready and waiting for expansion and is more accessible to the Central Oregon population that I’m sure this campus is intended to serve. Open land with room to expand and great highway access makes more sense than adding to the already congested west side. Business interests on the west side would certainly benefit from the new campus, but at what expense to the rest of the community? New sidewalks, roadway expansion and traffic signals are surely going to be required at a tremendous expense to the entire community. I believe the future of Bend is in the north end of the city. Let’s look beyond the special interests of just the west-side businesses and look into the real future of the entire city. I would think that the city fathers would be pushing for this viable use of the Juniper Ridge land at the north end of the city.

Mike Adye